What to Eat in China: Famous Chinese Foods

by Cristina on July 13, 2012

by Cristina | July 13th, 2012  

Unless you’ve been living under a rock – or a very tiny city – you know that Chinese food is famous pretty much anywhere. But , just like in the case of other cuisines, the Chinese food you get in your hometown is never the same as the one you get to eat in China. Also, the Chinese food eaten by the locals is not exactly the traveler’s favorite.

Chinese divide the food into 4 major groups: rice, noodle, soup and…the rest (vegetables, meats and all dishes which don’t include rice, noodle or soup).

Bejing Duck

It is the most popular Chinese food you can find in restaurants all over the world. The ducks come from farms and the best wood for roasting is red date tree wood. Oh and don’t be surprised to see an entire duck being served at the table – it’s enough for 4 persons. However, the chefs carve the duck at the table. On a pancake put the meat after you dip it in the sauce, add some cucumber and leek and then the dark sauce. Wrap it up and enjoy.

Fried rice

Traditionally the dish was made with the leftovers from last night’s dinner. The fried rice includes meat, eggs and vegetables.

Sweet & Sour Pork

It’s closest to what you are used to eating if you order American-Chinese takeaway. The dish is both sour and sweet and can be served with rice.


They come in many sizes and the filling can be anything from lamb to veggies. They come with a small bowl in which to create your own sauce. Try vinegar and hot sauce. Dip the dumpling in the sauce, eat , dip again, and so on. Together with pancakes and other small dishes served individually, they make up the Dim Sum.

The dumplings can also be served fried. These look a bit different though as they are folded. And they always seem to stick to the pan they are cooked in.

Kung Pao Chicken

The dish comes from Sichuan province and contains chicken , vegetables, peanuts and hot chili peppers. All the ingredients are stir-fried.

Spring Rolls

Vegetables or meats are wrapped into a rice noodle “sheet”. These rolls can be served fresh or deep fried. They also come with various sauces to dip them in.

Mushu Pork

The stir-fried pork is wrapped into pancakes. Scallions and sweet Hoisin sauce come as garnish.

Beef Fried Noodles

The fried noodles are easily found as street food. Traditionally the dish is made with pork but you can find fried noodles made with beef or chicken, too.

Dry Fried String Beans

It’s pretty explanatory but watch out for the peppers. They are hot. The dish goes well with rice.

Ma Po Tofu

It is a popular Chinese dish. The pepper powder gives the dish a spicy hint. The tofu is cooked with ground beef and green onions.


These look like the Italian tortellini. They are boiled and served in a soup but can also be deep fried. The filling can be pork or shrimp.

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