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3 Days in Shanghai: Itinerary IdeasShanghai is a modern city, buzzing with life. It is the largest and most developed Chinese city. There are enough sights to keep you occupied for three days, but you’d also want to explore the water villages close to the city.

Huangpu River splits the city in two, with Puxi being the older city center. Pudong is home to the new , modern buildings.

Itinerary assumptions:

You will fly in and out of Shanghai Staying in a
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10 Days in China: Itinerary IdeasWhen we think of China , there are some places which pop into our minds: the Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army . Then, of course, you cannot not think of Pandas when you think of China.

China is a large country and you’ll need to budget for some domestic flights to get around faster. And before you make any plans, make sure to have the travel documents in order: you need a passport and

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What to Eat in China: Famous Chinese FoodsUnless you’ve been living under a rock – or a very tiny city – you know that Chinese food is famous pretty much anywhere. But , just like in the case of other cuisines, the Chinese food you get in your hometown is never the same as the one you get to eat in China. Also, the Chinese food eaten by the locals is not exactly the traveler’s favorite.

Chinese divide the food into 4 major groups: rice, noodle, soup and…the

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5 Luxury Hotels Near the Great Wall of ChinaConstructed primarily of stone, brick, metal, and dirt, the Great Wall of China was built during the Ming Dynasty era to protect China from enemy invasions.  From the Fourteenth Century to the Sixteenth Century, the Great Wall was key in protecting the country from military attacks from Mongolian raids.  Today, this historical wall is 5,500 miles long, with additional fort-like defenses added to it that consists of natural barricades from the rugged terrain.  Due to its history, construction, and beauty,

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China in November

by Cristina on April 27, 2012

China in NovemberNovember is not yet winter but it’s not exactly a warm month either. The summer crowds are gone so you won’t be bothered by the crowds. The north is cold but southern China is pleasant. If you haven’t seen the fall foliage in October, you can still see it now.


The north is cold. Pack winter clothes, including the warm coat , sweaters and gloves. Central China is also cold and you can add the wind , as well. So

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China in October

by Cristina on April 26, 2012

China in OctoberIf you avoid the first week of October – the National Day Holiday week – then October is one of the best to visit China. Plan to see the fall foliage and explore the Great Wall.


The weather is still pleasant but October means Autumn. So expect cold nights and cooler days. By the end of the month, the fall foliage is at its best providing amazing photo opportunities. Now is also ideal to visit the Great Wall as

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